What do we do

Our goal is to let more and more places install ShootPower's wind turbines or ShootPower's hybrid clean energy system. With the trend of warmer and warmer climate, the increasing requirement to the fossil fuels which introduce global climate anomaly, more and more countries realize that the situation lead to the destroy of the global ecosystem, so the renewable wind energy and sun energy are focused by more and more people, specially, the wind energy is reconized to be the most economical renewable energy and is becoming more and more popular. At present, most large wind turbines are relied on the policy of Government subsidies, and also the large wind turbines are effected by the investment, the main reasons are: the high requirement to the installation places, the investment is huge, transportation cost and the labor cost are large, an so on, which directly effected the general use in the world. Compared to the large wind turbines, the small wind turbines have the advance of convenient installation, economical maintenance costs, so they can more and more people's favor. In the line of small wind turbines, ShootPower's products have the absolute advantage.


ShootPower's product has the absolutely creativity, using the unique swing tail controlling system, streamline body design and inner controlling circuit, it is the lightest in same level wind turbine in the world, all of these let ShootPower's product have higher output effection. The new PV on grid inverter design can be enable ShootPower's product to combine the solar panel into one system, the system can fully use the natural wind energy and sun energy, it is very convenient for users.

Professional people

ShootPower has the first top R&D team, tightly follow up the development of wind energy, which make ShootPower's products always to be the first top level in the world. ShootPower's R&D team has 10 years experience on the line of wind turbine and controlling circuit.


The Nemo searies products of ShootPower have the original high quality DNA, because all of the raw materials are in high quality, for example: real carbon fiber for blades so the blades are stronger and more flexible, NSK bearing make the products have longer life, 0.35mm Nippon Steels make stators to has higher output and longer life, and powerful permanent magnets for rotors.